6th International Conference on Interaction Design and Children
June 6-8, 2007, Aalborg, Denmark

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Wednesday, June 6
Thursday, June 7
Friday, June 8


Wednesday, June 6, 2007

9.00-18.00 Registration open
9.00-15.00 Special Session I: Doctoral Consortium
(Chair: Janet C. Read, University of Central Lancashire)
Closed session for invited doctoral students
15.00-18.00 Special Session II: Research Philosophies in Children's Technology Design
(Chair: Juan Pablo Hourcade, University of Iowa)
Panel session with presentations from the following panel list:

Janet Read (U. of Central Lancashire), Narcis Pares (Universitat Pompeu Fabra), Dawn Woodgate (University of Bath), Ole Sejer Iversen (Aarhus University), Jerry Alan Fails (University of Maryland), and Juan Pablo Hourcade (University of Iowa)

Open for all delegates
18.30-20.30 Welcoming Reception
(Duus Winecellar)

Thursday, June 7, 2007

8.00-17.00 Registration open
9.00-9.15 Opening Remarks
(Mikael B. Skov, Aalborg University, Tilde Bekker, Eindhoven University of Technology and Judy Robertson, Heriot-Watt University)
9.15-10.15 Keynote: Mitchel Resnick (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Medialab)
(Chair: Tilde Bekker, Eindhoven University of Technology)
Mitchel Resnick explores how new technologies can help people (especially children) learn new things in new ways. His Lifelong Kindergarten research group at the MIT Media Lab has developed a variety of educational tools, including the "programmable bricks" that were the basis for the award-winning LEGO MindStorms robotics construction kit. Resnick's group recently developed a new programming language, "Scratch," which makes it easier for kids to create their own animated stories, video games, and interactive art.
10.15-10.45 Coffee Break

Session I: Methodology
(Chair: Panos Markopoulos, Eindhoven University of Technology)

Towards a Likeability Framework that meets
Child-Computer Interaction & Communication Sciences
Bieke Zaman, K.U.Leuven, Vero Vanden Abeele (CUO, e-Medialab, Group T - Leuven Engineering School)

A comparison of usability evaluation methods for child participants in a school setting
Helen Edwards, Rachel Benedyk (University College London)

Comparing Early Design Methods for Children
R.J.W. Sluis-Thiescheffer, M.M. Bekker, J.H. Eggen (Eindhoven University of Technology)

Designing and Testing a Tangible Interface Prototype for use
in the Evaluation Study with Children (short paper)
Diana Xu, Emanuela Mazzone, Janet Read (University of Central Lancashire)




Session II: Games
(Chair: Edith Ackerman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Investigating the Educational Effectiveness of Multiplayer Online Games for Children
Franca Garzotto (Politecnico di Milano)

Adventure Author: a learning environment to support creative design
Judy Robertson, Keiron Nicholson (Heriot-Watt University)

A Learner-Centred Design Approach to Developing a Visual Language for Interactive Storytelling
Katherine Howland, Judith Good, Judy Robertson (University of Sussex, Heriot-Watt University)

aMAZEd: Designing an Affective Social Game for Children (short paper)
Abdullah Al Mahmud, Yeo LeeChin, Omar Mubin, Johanna Renny Octavia, Suleman Shahid, Panos Markopoulos, Jean-Bernard Martens (Eindhoven University of Technology)


Coffee Break and Posters & Demos

Using handhelds to promote environmental stewardship (poster)
Cassidy Puckett (
Rockman et al )

Kids story "writers" - POGO, Tell-Tale, Sprite (poster)
Edith Ackermann, Francoise Decortis (
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Liège)

GATELOCK: A Game Authoring Tool for Children (poster)
Maizatul H.M. Yatim, Maic Masuch  (
University of Magdeburg)

Stimulating Children’s Physical Play through Interactive Games:
Three Exploratory Case Studies (poster)
Mathilde Bekker, Elise van den Hoven, Peter Peters, Bart klein Hemmink (
Eindhoven University of Technology)

Evaluating Interactive TV Applications for and with Pre-literate Children (poster)
Ana Vitoria Joly
(University of Brighton)

Emerging interactions as a resource for designing learning environments (poster)
Linda Napoletano, Filippo Fanò
(University of Siena, University of Limerick)

ScratchR: a platform for sharing user-generated programmable media (poster)
Andres Monroy-Hernandez (
Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Facilitorials (demo)
Jay Silver (
Media Lab)

Video Wikis and Media Fluency (demo)
Erik Blankinship, Bakhtiar Mikhak (
Media Modifications)

Animation Dictionary for Onomatopoeic Learning (demo)
Miki Namatame, Fusako Kusunoki (Tsukuba University of Technology, Tama Art University)


Session III: Creativity and Learning
(Chair: Mitchel Resnick, MIT Media Lab)

StorySurfer – A Playful Book Browsing Installation for Children’s Libraries
Eva Eriksson, Andreas Lykke-Olesen (Chalmers University of Technology, Aarhus School of Architecture)

Mediated Education in a Creative Arts Context:
Research and Practice at Whittier Elementary School
Aaron Cuthbertson, Sarah Hatton, Gary Minyard, Harper Piver, Christopher Todd, David Birchfield (Arizona State University)

Using an emergent system concept in designing interactive games
for autistic children (short paper)
Emilia Barakova, Marnick Menting, Ruben Van Limpt, Gilles Van Wanrooij
(Eindhoven University of Technology)

Children Designers in the Museum: Applying Participatory Design
for the Development of an Art Education Program (short paper)
Maria Roussou, Elina Kavalieratou,
Michael Doulgeridis (makebelieve, National Gallery - Alexandros Soutzos Museum)


Conference Dinner
(Restaurant SanGiovanni)


Friday, June 8, 2007

9.00-15.00 Registration open
9.00-10.00 Keynote: Mark William Hansen (LEGO Systems)
(Chair: Judy Robertson, Heriot-Watt University)
Mark W. Hansen, Director Business Development, LEGO System A/S, has been with LEGO Systems for seven years and in the last three as Director of Business Development innovating new ways to co-create and mass customize products with consumers.
10.00-10.30 Coffee Break
10.30-12.15 Session IV: Tangible Interaction
(Chair: Narcis Pares, Universitat Pompeu Fabra - Barcelona)

ProBoNO: Transferring Knowledge of Virtual Environments to Real World Situations
Timo Goettel (University of Hamburg)

Remix and Robo:
sampling, sequencing and real-time control of a tangible robotic construction system
Hayes Raffle, Laura Yip, Hiroshi Ishii (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Medialab)

PageCraft: Learning in context - A tangible interactive storytelling platform to support early narrative development for young children (short paper)
Jim Budd, Krystina Madej, Jenna Stephens-Wells, Janice de Jong, Ehren Katzur, Laura Mulligan (Carleton University, Simon Fraser University Surrey)

Agency, Tangible Technology and Young Children (short paper)
Peta Wyeth (University of Nottingham)

“The Fire and The Mountain”:
Tangible Social Interaction in a Museum Exhibition for Children (short paper)
Franca Garzotto, Francesca Rizzo (Politecnico di Milano)

12.15-13.15 Lunch


Session V: Input Technologies
(Chair: Saila Ovaska, University of Tampere)

Does Mouse Size Affect Study and Evaluation Results? A Study Comparing Preschool Children’s Performance with Small and Regular-Sized Mice
Juan Pablo Hourcade, Michael Crowther, Lisa Hunt (University of Iowa, Waterford Research Institute)

Stepstone - An Interactive Floor Application for Hearing Impaired Children with a Cochlear Implant
Ole Iversen, Karen Johanne Kortbek, Kaspar Nielsen, Louise Aagaard (University of Aarhus, The Alexandra Institute Ltd, Aarhus School of Architecture)

Sprok-it: A Physically Interactive Play System (short paper)
Winslow Burleson (Arizona State University)

Use of Images in Instructional Technology for Children with Attentional Difficulties (short paper)
Helen Kang, Terry  Burton, Sydney Zentall (Purdue University)

Designing Spoken Instructions with Preschool Children (short paper)
Hanna Niemi,
Saila Ovaska (University of Tampere)

15.00-15.30 Coffee Break
15.30-17.00 Session VI: Multimedia
(Chair: Juan Pablo Hourcade, University of Iowa)

Jabberstamp: Embedding sound and voice in traditional drawings
Hayes Raffle, Cati Vaucelle, Ruibing Wang, Hiroshi Ishii (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Medialab, Cornell University)

BibPhone – Adding Sound to the Children’s Library (short paper)
Andreas Lykke-Olesen, Jesper Nielsen (Aarhus School of Architecture, University of Aarhus)

How Preschool Children Used a Behaviour-Based Programming Tool (short paper)
Mikael Kindborg, Per Sökjer (Linköping University)

SketchCam: creative photography for children (short paper)
Jean-Baptiste Labrune, Wendy Mackay (LRI & INRIA Futurs)

Pixel Materiali - a System for Creating and Understanding Pixel Animations (short paper)
Tal Drori, Michal Rinott (Holon Institute of Technology)

17.00-17.15 Closing Remarks
(Mikael B. Skov, Aalborg University; Welcome to IDC 2008)